Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aaron's Baptism Day

My grandson, Aaron, was baptized this past weekend, and though not all of the family we invited were able to be there, we didn't let a major snowstorm take any of the joy from the day. The ceremony was beautiful, and the baby behaved like an angel -- much as we worried that he might throw a major fit. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it. When the water was poured over his head, he leaned back, relaxed, as if to say, "What about the rest of me?" Aaron has come to love his baths!

The service opened with Aaron's Auntie Emily singing a baptism song by Michael A. Schmid, titled, "Baptized in His Name." I was so impressed with Michael Schmid's website and music. The song couldn't have been more perfect for the occasion, and Emily did a fantastic job. Just beautiful!

I love this photo of Emily warming up before the service, with the sun streaming in through the windows:

Taken after the service, here is Aaron with his mom and dad (my daughter, Kaitlin, and her boyfriend, Corey, on the left), the pastor, and Aaron's godparents (my son, Nathan and his girlfriend, Shannah, on the right):

Here's Aaron, looking handsome in his baptismal suit, made with love by Grandma:

And checking out his shiny new ring, a gift from Uncle Nathan and Auntie Shannah:

May God bless you, Aaron, today and your whole life through. We love you!


Donetta said...

He is so cute!

Jean said...

What a beautiful day this must have been. Love the pix, and glad that Aaron is doing so well. He is a charmer, that is for sure.