Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And Then, There Was Halloween...

... which really deserved a post all its own. I had every intention of sharing pictures that day, but again, couldn't drag myself off to the computer, what with Aaron's "First Halloween" happening and all. Sheesh. ;o)

Anyway, he was dressed for the occasion, right down to his bright orange onesies:

And he was a "Toadally Amazing" 'lil toad (it said so, on his bum):

Uncle Tim went for the "Super Mario" look:

And they were both totally psyched for trick-or-treat:

Trick-or-treat, they did:

We had a blissfully warm Halloween, for Minnesota, and even little Aaron went door-to-door. He had a great time, too -- though he won't be eating candy bars any time soon. ;o)

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Jean said...

Great costumes, we were lucky too in that our weather held until last Thursday. Now it feels like winter, and the kids at school are acting like it is going to snow...