Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quilters Rock! (part two): A Grandma Shower

If you saw yesterday's post, you already know all about the Healing Hearts quilt that my online group made for a fellow member in my hometown. What I haven't yet shared is that as I was collecting blocks for the quilt, I was also receiving little packages in the mail, just for me. Packages with cards, letters and darling little nine-patch blocks, made from all sorts of children's novelty prints. It was a surprise grandma shower! Check this out:

How cool is that?? Last week, I hustled around while my daughter was on her last two days at work and got a quilt made from all the blocks. What a great surprise it'll be for her when the baby is born. It turned out to be a nice sized quilt, too. Just perfect for when he starts rolling around, and he can look at all the different little pictures on his quilt.

I think he's going to LOVE it. I know I do! Thanks, ladies, for caring, for thinking of us, and for helping us to welcome our new little one into the world in such a warm and cozy way. ;o)

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Jean said...

I love this quilt and just wish I had gotten blocks made to send too. I feel like I am so slow these days, though there are always things going on. Your daughter will love this one. You always do a good job of spreading the color around and I think you secretly like the scrappy ones the best!