Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A New Quilt Journal

Last night I started working on a brand new quilt journal/scrapbook, since my last one holds three years worth of quilts and is, well, stuffed to the gills. I've been collecting all kinds of little stickers and other goodies to start journaling my latest quilts, but somehow it's been difficult getting started on that first blank page. And yet, despite my apprehension and rudimentary scrapping skills, I have finished page one, "A Box of Chocolates."

"Chocolates" was my first finished quilt of 2008, donated to Quilts with Love for the troops serving in Iraq. I've made several quilts and tops for Quilts with Love, journaling each one, and so I've run out of new ideas to include on these pages. The new addition this time, a miniature copy of the Certificate of Appreciation that was awarded to the group last year. I love to fill my pages with pictures and pretties, so I often forget to include the details of the quilt, the size, the fabrics, how the idea came about. Difficult to do without expanding to two pages per quilt, but definitely something to keep in mind for the future.

My quilt journal is nothing fancy, but I sure do enjoy going back through the pages and revisiting my past work. If you are one who gives away or sells much of your work, I highly recommend scrapbooking your art, whatever the medium. I resisted scrapbooking for years, fearing it would be yet another costly addiction, but by narrowing my focus to a quilting journal, I get in on the fun of scrapping and have memories of my quilts for years to come.

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Jean said...

Thanks for your nice comments. I think my ramblings are a little boring, but it is good for me to do, I think. I just hope I can keep up with it now that I am back at school.
I love your quilt journal. You have talked about it before and I always think that I should do it, but don't. Maybe if I can be diligent I can make my blog be a quilt journal of sorts.
Anyway, I love your first page!