Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back from Neverland

As in, never updating my blog...
Never checking my email...
Some days, never even turning on the computer (can you imagine???)

For the past three weeks, graduation has taken over my life.

And it's all over now -- sweet relief! My daughter has graduated and her grad party is a pleasant memory. It's amazing what we've accomplished around here in just three weeks; cleaning, gardening, painting and staining decks, sheetrocking and painting the garage. Much more than I had originally planned on, for sure. Grad parties are great for that. It's a little like selling your house, when you finally fix all of those broken things that you hardly ever noticed before. You look at your home through a newcomer's eyes, suddenly all of the flaws become glaringly obvious, and the mad dash is on.

Thankfully, our mad dash is done. Graduation day was a blessing, the party, a success. I couldn't be more relieved, but of course, I'm not the only one:

Apparently the posting issues I had the last time I logged in were just a temporary glitch -- thank goodness!

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