Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rushing is Bad.

I've been so psyched about how quickly this quilt has come together, but when you're working so fast, I guess you're bound to make some mistakes. Bummer. I got the quilt all layered and pinned this morning -- and then I saw it.

See that top row? See how those chains of yellow and orange squares go all wonky with the top row? (heavy sigh) I can't believe I got this far before I noticed I had the whole top row sewn together wrong!

I'll admit, I did toy with the idea of just leaving it that way (and it's a lot more obvious in real life than it looks in the picture), but in the end, I knew it would drive me crazy. So I unpinned the top row and got busy with the seam ripper taking all the blocks apart and sewing them back together in their proper order. No easy feat, with ten pounds of backing and batting attached! But I feel much better about the whole thing now, so it was worth the effort. I'll need to re-do the pinning tomorrow morning, then it's on to the quilting...


Jean said...

It is awesome, Heather, love it!!! Hate unsewing, thought. Good job!!!

Heather said...

Thanks so much, Jean! I'm so relieved to finally have it done. Well, you know the feeling. ;o)