Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday: An Almost-Finished Room

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It's "Tackle it Tuesday" at Five Minutes for Mom. What are you tackling today?

Finally, my sewing room/office project is nearing the end. Over the weekend, I moved my desk, file cabinet and computer into the new room. Is it ever crowded! Very den-like, and I don't mean the spacious, walls-lined-in-bookcases type den. More the small-cave-where-a-bear-might-go-to-hibernate type den. Cozy, it is. And by the end of the day, it'll be cozier yet -- but finished.

Update - 10:30 p.m. I've decided to add my updates after each picture, with the text in red. Makes it easier to compare the "before" and "after" pics, I think. Hope it's not too confusing!

With all of the crafting, sewing, scrapping and writing projects about to take place in this room, I'm in serious need of a work table. So I've hauled up from the basement an old drop-leaf table, once salvaged from a house that was about to be torn down. My big tackle for today is to give it a good scrubbing and then, a new coat of paint.

Update - 10:30 p.m.
The AFTER picture:

I LOVE what a coat of paint can do! The table looks almost like new. It'll take a few days for the paint to cure, but I can hardly wait to set up my sewing machine!

While the paint dries, I plan to clear out and organize my two desk drawers, currently full of pictures, camera equipment, and miscellaneous junk (the last of the organizing for this room -- yay!) Once cleared out, these will store my computer discs and office supplies.

Update - 10:30 p.m.
The AFTER picture:

The drawers now hold my camera cables, all of my CD files and blank CDS. Amazing! These drawers haven't been cleaned out in years. I even found the remote for my son's RC car, missing since his birthday last May.

I also plan to make a few quilt blocks today for a block lottery, and if I'm really on top of things, I'll keep the laundry going, too. So that's my Tackle it Tuesday plan. Ambitious? Yes. But I think I can...

Update - 10:30 p.m.
The AFTER picture:

My Waterwheel Variation blocks, made for the Country Quilters USA block lotto. Wouldn't a whole bunch of these make a great quilt?? As for the laundry, I almost got it all done. One load each in the washer and dryer and one load is standing by.

I can't believe all that I got done today. Once I get that table moved upstairs, my office/sewing room will really be DONE.

I LOVE Tackle it Tuesday!!!


Valerie said...

WOW! You got a LOT done. Congratulations! Here's hoping for many creative days in your craft room!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Heather, can I hire you to work some of this magic on my house? I know... if I'd unplug the computer and get busy, it'd get done. But then my writing won't and really, I live to write.

Keep up the awesome work. I just might motivate myself to take longer breaks.