Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #102: Smorgasbord


Overflowing bins
Stacked high, in lofty towers
Behind closet doors

Multi-colored piles
Yellow and green, red and blue
Which shade do I feel?

Pattern in my hand
Motivation in my heart
Now, a choice to make

Satin, flannel, fleece,
Cotton, velvet, corduroy
Denim, woolen, knit

A color, a cut,
One must be chosen from this
Fabric smorgasbord.

Heather Haapoja © 2008


Heather Kathleen said...


i can feel the warmth, the weight. the softness and security brushing my cheek as i burrow deeper.


gautami tripathy said...

My mothers loves sewing. I like to watch her matching colour, hues, textures and patterns. Maybe I should make her read this post!

The books I would write

Jean said...

Beautiful Heather and it paints a picture of the beginning of a quilt.

paisley said...

lovely take on the prompt and a perfect poem to boot!! this may be a re print,, but i don't know if blogger accepted my last comment.....

Linda Jacobs said...

This poem put me in my sister's sewing room. She makes beautiful quilts and has all her fabrics arranged by colors on shelves. It's so pleasing to the eye just like this poem. Love especially that you named all the different textiles!

tumblewords said...

Love this image - I know a quilter and her closet is just like this! I don't know how she decides which fabric to use..nice post!

Redness said...

Ahhhh Brilliant - I know this image exactly ... couldn't help myself again today, added more to the stash! Wonderful post, thank YOU ;)

Overeducated Twit said...

This poem made me smile--I don't quilt (would love to learn, though), but I have a yarn stash that's threatening to reach critical mass soon. The different textures are a feast for the fingertips :).