Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just an Update

Haven't posted in a few days, and I even missed Wordless Wednesday yesterday, but I have managed to tick a few items off of my to-do list this week:

* Balanced my checkbook, got caught up on bills and started my ledger for tracking income and expenses. Made my first weekly deposit into a Christmas savings account. This is a first!

* Mailed off my daughter's broken camera for repair, a camera that has been sitting in its box for several months now -- and it's a better camera than my own! She got a new camera for Christmas, so I may be keeping this one.

* Finally wrote a review for my last Book Awards Reading Challenge book, Holes, which I actually read long before Christmas. I really need to get going on this, if I'm going to meet the challenge by June!

* Stuck with the diet and exercise program. Trying not to obsess! lol

* Finished my nine-patch blocks for my next Quilts with Love quilt, and started setting them together. I have a huge box of 4-1/2" squares that I cut up from fabric samples before Christmas. I plan to get many quilts from these squares, and the first is a monochromatic, very brown quilt. Here's the progress, so far:

I'm calling it, "A Box of Chocolates."

Time permitting, I hope to sew the rows together today, and add a border. My dad, who just turned 84 last week, has been having some problems with his blood pressure and dizziness. My mom took him to the ER Tuesday night, but he was able to come home after several hours of monitoring. Still, he went to his regular doctor yesterday, who scheduled an MRI for today. I may be driving him to the appointment this afternoon, and in that case, quilting will have to wait.

Unless, of course, I stop procrastinating at the computer right now, and get to work! lol

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