Monday, January 28, 2008

The Diet: Week Three

Okay, these weekend binges have got to stop. I know I shouldn't be unhappy as long as I'm losing and not gaining, but from Monday through Friday, I lost two pounds -- from Monday to Monday, only one. For two weeks I've done this and its just frustrating! I mean, with so little left to lose, I'd really like to just stick with losing two pounds a week and get it over with already!

The bright side of all this, though, is that I am seeing how my body works, so when I do finally reach that goal weight, I'll know what to do to maintain it. I see that one day of binging will add a pound, and will require a little extra diligence in the days that follow, or the pounds will just keep adding back on -- again.

This weekend the problem was a trip out of town. Food choices are tough when you're eating out. There are healthy choices out there, but there are also lots of temptations, and once I give in a little, I give in a lot. (I didn't just order the 6" sub at Subway, I had to get the chips and a sugary coke to go with it!) I don't plan on continuing the trend this week. We have no plans for company or going anywhere next weekend, and I intend to stick with the diet all week and see if I can get that second pound down. I'd love to see the 130's again!!

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