Monday, January 7, 2008

The Diet: Day One

Well, after three months or so of no-holds-barred pigging out, I've survived the first day back on my diet. No sugar, no bread or pasta, definitely no Pepsi (my biggest temptation). Just lots of protein and veggies, water, vitamins, exercise.

And I survived!

Actually DAY ONE, this time around, was a lot easier than in the past. I actually switched to caffeine-free Pepsi a few weeks back, putting the caffeine headaches behind me. That has always been the worst part of starting for me.

I spent the past week working up to this, and actually deciding if I wanted to do the full-blown diet again, as in the past, I've had a problem with my all-or-nothing attitude. But my extremely tight jeans finally made the decision for me. I need to lose ten pounds, ASAP. I refuse to go to a larger size. In fact, I don't think I have a larger size. I got rid of them all the last time around. So for the next two weeks, it's all-or-nothing. Correction: it's ALL. At least until I can breathe normally while seated.

I follow the Atkins plan, and I've had a lot of success with it. My only problems have been in phases three and four, pre-maintenance and maintenance. I have that tendency to come close to my goal weight, then just give in a little (one Pepsi won't hurt), which leads to a lot (why buy one, when they're cheaper by the 12-pack?), which leads to piling the pounds back on. It happens so gradually, I almost don't notice it happening, despite having been through this cycle numerous times before.

So that's the challenge that lies before me this time around. There is one BIG positive this time, though, I've broken the yo-yo cycle of gaining back more than I lost. I'm actually within reach of my longtime goal of 125 pounds. I haven't weighed one-twenty-anything since before children, over twenty years ago, so this in itself is exciting!

Well, duty calls! More later...

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