Saturday, November 10, 2007

Block Party!

The past few days have been a regular quilt block party around here, as I get caught up on some of my Blocks-of-the-Month and other projects with my online quilting groups. Here are the blocks I finished this week. All of these patterns can be found at The Quilter's Cache, an amazing source for free quilting patterns:

Nine-inch blocks-of-the-month, Quatrefoils, Double Necktie, and Double Friendship Star.

Twelve-inch blue and yellow blocks-of-the-month, Patch as Patch Can, Mrs. Morgan's Choice, and Leaves and Diamonds.

And finally, these 14-inch Granny's Flower Garden blocks for a quilt block lottery.

Is is any wonder that I never run out of quilting projects? lol


Carol E. said...

Great blocks! Sometimes I love to go through quilterscache and just make random blocks. I plan to do a small version of that today (not quite so random, but make a few blocks).

Heather said...

And there is just a never ending supply of blocks there. Sounds like fun! I'll have to stop by your blog now and see what you're up to...

Thanks for dropping by! ;o)