Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Triple Dare Tuesday: Flashback

Angela dared me...

Nice hairdo, huh?

Apparently I was pretty good at avoiding the camera when I was a teenager, as I have very few photos from that time other than far-away shots of me on the back of a horse. (I'm sure my mom has some, but do I really want to see them?) I was about sixteen here, and this was actually a good hair day. From age 13 on -- when my hair took on a life of its own -- I had insanely-curly-hair issues. Farrah, I was not.


Anonymous said...

have you come to love your curls now? check out for lots of tips and advice!

Heather said...

Well... maybe not so much LOVE, but I have learned to live with them. lol Actually, they've calmed down some over time and aren't nearly as difficult to deal with as they once were. Thanks for stopping by, and for the tip -- I'll be sure to check it out. ;o)