Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Words of Kindness

I made this little postcard in response to Angela's Triple Dare this week: "I triple-dare you to create a work of art (be it in words, photo, crayon, whatever) and leave it for someone else to find and have (or pass on)."

Earlier this week, a friend emailed me this link: Has anyone told you...

I was moved to tears reading it, though she had no idea how much I needed to hear those words on that particular day. I saw this triple-dare as an opportunity to have the same serendipitous effect on a total stranger in need of encouragement. So I put some thoughts to paper, things I know I need to hear on occasion, and made this postcard with the following message on the back:

if you found this card
(or it found you!)
it’s yours to keep,
until you choose,
to pass it on
to another soul
and let that random
kindness roll…

This morning I left the card conspicuously peeking from beneath an envelope bin on the post office counter. I know there's someone out there in need of encouragment today. Who would have guessed they might find it at the post office?


Angela Klocke said...

Oh Heather...this is PERFECT!!!

Cher said...

Heather that is just beautiful! I never thought of a postcard!

Heather said...

Thanks! This was a fun one. ;o)